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ALW Color Finish Offerings2020-01-24T20:01:59+00:00

ALW Color Finish Options

ALW’s Standard Color Finish Options feature 17 powder coat colors at no additional cost and no extended lead times!

We have expanded our standard paint finish offerings to 17 powder coat colors, giving you the flexibility to create inspirational spaces. Also available is any powder coat color from the TCI and Tiger Drylac catalog, for a minimal setup fee. Dial in that precise color with custom color matching for a premium setup fee. Brushed and Anodized aluminum are also available on many of our products, perfect for industrial spaces – consult the product spec sheets for compatibility information.

Standard Finishes

Basic Powder Coat

Gloss White

Satin White
Satin White

Textured Matte White

Textured Matte Black

Satin Anodized Effect Powder Coat

Clear Silver

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Dark Bronze

Satin Black

Metallic Powder Coat

Silver Gray

Charcoal Gray



Gloss Powder Coat (80-95% Gloss)

(RAL 1028)

(RAL 3020)

(RAL 4010)

(RAL 5015)


Anodized Aluminum

Brushed Aluminum – Linear

Brushed Aluminum – Cylinder

*Note: Not all products available with all aluminum finishes, consult product spec sheet for more information regarding available finishes. 

QuickShip-eligible options may vary by fixture, consult individual product spec sheet for more details. 

Special Order & Custom Finishes

RAL Classic Colors (80-95% Gloss): RAL _ _ _ _

Most RAL Classic Colors are available for a minimal setup fee. On your specification submittal, identify your desired RAL Classic color by entering the 4-digit RAL code (e.g. RAL 3003). Visit the RAL Color Chart website for more details.

Catalog Colors: CAT _ _ _ _

The complete range of powder coat colors from the Tiger Drylac and TCI catalogs are available for a minimal setup fee. Consult ALW for a catalog color you would like to specify.

Custom Color Match: CCM _ _ _ _

Custom powder coat color matching is available for a premium setup fee. Consult ALW for additional information.


Yes, all finishes are available for quoting now!

Our standard lead time is 4-6 weeks – there’s no extended lead time for any standard finish! For special order and custom color match finishes, consult ALW for lead times and pricing.

All standard finishes (including anodized aluminum) are available at no extra cost and no setup fee. Brushed aluminum may incur a minimal cost adder for cylinder products. Special Order and Custom Color Matching will incur a setup fee – contact ALW for pricing.

Consult the table below for a list of current finish options along with the associated legacy ALW and v2 color. The Legacy v2 Finishes tab also outlines finishes that may no longer be available as standard offerings. Consult ALW for more information about discontinued finishes.

Sample swatches will be sent out in February 2020, contact ALW to request yours now!

Legacy Finish Nomenclature Charts

The following table shows the new finishes as they relate to the legacy ALW and v2 nomenclature.

FamilyColor NameNew CodeOld ALW CodeOld v2 Code
AluminumAnodized AluminumALAL
AluminumBrushed AluminumBABALC2
BasicGloss WhiteGWL1
BasicSatin WhiteSWWH
BasicAntimicrobial Satin WhiteAWWH/AM
BasicTextured Matte WhiteTWT1
BasicTextured Matte BlackTBT4
Satin Anodized EffectClear SilverCSA1
Satin Anodized EffectOil-Rubbed BronzeOBA4
Satin Anodized EffectDark BronzeDBA5
Satin Anodized EffectSatin BlackSBBK
MetallicSilver GraySGSV
MetallicCharcoal GrayCGM4
GlossOrange (RAL 1028)GO
GlossRed (RAL 3020)GR
GlossMagenta (RAL 4010)GM
GlossBlue (RAL 5015)GB
RAL Classic ColorsRAL Classic Colors (Most)RAL _ _ _ _RAL _ _ _ _
Catalog ColorsCatalog ColorsCAT _ _ _ _
Custom Color MatchCustom Color MatchingCCM _ _ _ _
Old Color NameNew Color NameLegacy ALW CodeNew Code
Anodized AluminumAnodized AluminumALAL
BlackSatin BlackBKSB
Brushed AluminumBrushed AluminumBALBA
SilverSilver GraySVSG
WhiteSatin WhiteWHSW
Antimicrobial WhiteAntimicrobial Satin WhiteWH/AMAW
Legacy v2 FamilyLegacy v2 Color NameLegacy v2 CodeNew Code
Clear AluminumPolishedC1Discontinued
Clear AluminumBrushedC2BA
Anodized EffectClear SilverA1CS
Anodized EffectChampagneA2Discontinued
Anodized EffectLight BronzeA3Discontinued
Anodized EffectMedium BronzeA4OB
Anodized EffectDark BronzeA5DB
Anodized EffectBlackA6Discontinued
MetallicSea FoamM2Discontinued
MetallicForest GrayM3Discontinued
MetallicCharcoal GrayM4CG
MetallicGunmetal GrayM5Discontinued
MetallicDove GrayM6Discontinued
MetallicOld CopperM7Discontinued
MetallicOld BrassM8Discontinued
BasicGloss WhiteL1GW
BasicGloss Light GrayL2Discontinued
BasicGloss Dark GrayL3Discontinued
BasicGloss BlackL4Discontinued
BasicTextured Matte WhiteT1TW
BasicTextured Matte Light GrayT2Discontinued
BasicTextured Metallic Dark GrayT3Discontinued
BasicTextured Matte BlackT4TB
SparkleLight OrangeS1Discontinued
SparkleDeep OrangeS2Discontinued
SparkleDeep BlueS6Discontinued
SparkleSky BlueS7Discontinued
SparkleBright GreenS8Discontinued
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