Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Service & Support

Who is my ALW Sales Manager/Customer Service Representative?

Please see the interactive Locate an Agent map for territory-specific information, including designated ALW Customer Service Reps (CSRs) and Regional Sales Managers (RSMs).

Who do I contact for Warranty Support and/or assistance with parts?

Please download and complete the Technical Support Request Form and email it to TechSupport@alwusa.com. One of our technical support representatives will then follow up with you.

Ordering, Processing & Shipping

Does ALW ship to locations outside of the United States?

ALW USA manufactures and ships lighting products for the U.S. and Canadian markets only. However, we have affiliates that do serve the European, Asian and Indian markets. Please visit alwuk.com, alwchina.com and alwindia.com respectively.

How long will it take to receive factory drawings for my project?

Many products feature factory drawings that are automatically created within a few minutes of specifying a product. For products without automated drawings, these will be created within 3-5 business days.

How do I place an order?

FOR ARCHITECTS/LIGHTING DESIGNERS: Our products are sold through independent lighting agencies specific to your project’s locality. You may find your nearest ALW lighting partner here. FOR AGENTS: Please send purchase orders to orders@alwusa.com.

Does ALW accept returns?

No, our products are made-to-order and thus are non-returnable and non-refundable. In the event of damage or malfunction, please contact our Technical Support department at TechSupport@alwusa.com.

What is ALW’s standard lead-time?

Currently, our standard lead-time is 4-6 weeks. Please contact customer service for specifics and expedited requests.

Does ALW offer a freight allowance?

Yes, minimum order values and limitations apply. Agents may consult our Terms & Conditions for additional information.

Product Questions

What are ALW’s available color and finish options?


ALW luminaires are available in six standard finishes:

  • Anodized (AL) or Brushed Aluminum (BAL)
  • Brass metallic powdercoat (BRS)
  • Silver powdercoat (SV)
  • Black powdercoat (BK)
  • White powdercoat (WH)
  • White Antimicrobial (for healthcare environments)(WH/AM)

Additionally, custom color RAL powdercoat paints may be specified.

Exceptions apply, consult product spec sheets for specific availability.

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When specifying Tunable White LED (TUNE), what driver type do I need to select?

ALW luminaires specified with Tunable White LED (TUNE) utilize a two-channel LED board. One channel is comprised of 2700k LEDs and the other is comprised of 5700k LEDs. A luminaire’s Correlated Color Temperature is adjusted by independently dimming warm and cool channels, thereby “tuning” the white output.

DMX is the most commonly used technology for control of multi-channel light emitters. We offer DMX/RDM drivers and recommend them for use with our Tuneable White luminaires.

DALI control is also an option.

0/10V control is an option, however, each of the two LED channels must have a separate, independent 0/10V dimming signal.

Please contact us if you have questions.


What color canopies does ALW provide?

We provide white canopies for all suspended luminaires. Please contact factory if you require an alternative color finish. (Agents familiar with our POST system may add a note to the part number.)

Where can I find installation instructions?

ALW provides installation instructions for all luminaires on our website on the specific product’s page. Site users can locate specific luminaires starting from alwusa.com/luminaires.

How do I determine “cut-out” dimensions?

After an order has been placed, ALW provides factory drawings that include exact dimensions most usually within 1 week.

How do I remove the lens from the luminaire’s housing?

For most products, removing the lens is accomplished by using a mini suction cup. ALW provides these suction cups for applicable products.

Does ALW provide DMX controllers?

No. Any and all required controls should be sourced through a third-party. However, when ALW products are specified with DMX-compatible drivers, we do program and ship out the drivers in the network-ready, DMX-mode.

Are luminaires offered in non-standard lengths?

Yes! We want to help you sculpt the perfect shape for your project. Consult product spec sheets for specifics and limitations, and contact our inside sales team for more information.

I’m not finding a photometric report or IES file for the specific configuration I am specifying. What do I do?

All photometric reports and IES files for which we have test results are posted on the site. Oftentimes, however, testing was done only for one lamping option. In such cases, we provide extrapolated performance figures for each lamping option on the product spec sheet. Additionally, we offer the accompanying Light Loss Factor multipliers to use in IES software to derive light outputs for additional lamping options.

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